Top Veterinary PCD Companies in India

Best Animal Health Companies in India List 2024


In recent years, there has been a significant surge in the demand for quality veterinary pharmaceuticals and healthcare products in India. With a growing awareness of animal welfare and a burgeoning pet care industry, the need for reliable veterinary products has never been greater. This surge has led to the emergence of several Veterinary PCD (Propaganda Cum Distribution) companies that are making remarkable strides in the field of animal healthcare. In this blog post, we will explore some of the top Veterinary PCD companies that are revolutionizing the landscape of animal healthcare in India.

     1. Ani Healthcare

  1.  Ani Healthcare is one of the leading players in the Indian veterinary pharmaceutical industry. With a commitment to   innovation and quality, the company offers a wide range of veterinary products including medicines, vaccines, and feed supplements. Ani Healthcare has earned a reputation for its high-quality products and ethical business practices. Ani Healthcare have 20 years of experience in the veterinary medicine industry.Ani Healthcare is ISO-certified company with GMP, WHO, and GLP certifications that ensure safety, effectiveness, and quality of products.
  2. Dycott Healthcare

    Dycott  is a prominent pharma company and is listed as one of the top animal health companies in India.

  3. Biochemix Healthcare Pvt. Ltd

    Biochemix Healthcare is renowned for its extensive range of veterinary medicines and healthcare products.

  4. Events Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

    Events Pharmaceuticals PVT LTD is a dynamic player in the Veterinary PCD sector, known for its customer-centric approach and quality-driven ethos.

  5. Iskon Remedies

    Iskon Remedies introduces itself as the leading pharma company that is manufacturing the best quality Veterinary medicines at genuine prices.


The veterinary pharmaceutical industry in India is witnessing rapid growth, and a growing focus on animal welfare. Against this backdrop, Veterinary PCD companies play a crucial role in ensuring access to high-quality veterinary products and services across the country. The companies mentioned above represent the cream of the crop in the Indian veterinary pharmaceutical landscape, with their commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction setting them apart in the industry. As the demand for veterinary products continues to rise, these companies are poised to lead the way in shaping the future of animal healthcare in India.

Ani Healthcare Pvt Ltd is one of the best pcd company in the list above & company is established in the year 2007 and is known for its manufacturing, developing, and marketing of the best quality veterinary pharma medicines in India. Since the company has a State of the art infrastructure and is backed up by experienced and skilled to produce the best quality animal health medicines in large quantities. The company has around 150+ veterinary products that are formulated under the approval of GMP and WHO certifications.